A blog about my interests in narrow gauge railways, especially those of 2'6" gauge, model railway operations, and the building of my own proto-freelance railway, the Corinella and Blackwood Forest Tramway.

Monday, March 19, 2012

First Post

I'm writing this blog for selfish reasons, so I have to do some modeling to have something go write about.

I'm modeling the Corinella and Blackwood Forest Tramway, a fictional railway which in many ways is as real as any historical but abandoned railway. I'll talk more about,how as we go.

Last Sunday I was at the Southern Forests Narrow Gauge Meet at Emerald, and what a fantastic day it was. I'm on the committee but due to health and work reasons was not able to contribute much this year. David and Ian did a fantastic job.

I'll also talk about narrow gauge topics from time to time but mostly about modeling.

More later.

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